How to Avoid Holiday Accidents for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s

As a law firm that works closely with the victims of car crashes in Tampa and throughout Florida, Franco Law Group urges drivers and pedestrians to be safe this holiday… Read More

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Hit and Run Accident Tampa FL – What to Do if You are a Victim

  You may not hear about them often, but hit and run accidents are much more common than most people think. Approximately 11 percent of all police reported crashes involve… Read More

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The Social Security Disability Backlog Rises Over 1 Million

Over 1 million Americans are on a backlog waiting for a hearing to see if they qualify for Social Security Disability or not. There is an extremely long wait time… Read More

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Top Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Occur in Tampa, Florida

Florida has the most motorcycle fatalities in the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Florida and other warm weather states are the most popular states for… Read More

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What to Do if You Are Pregnant and In a Car Accident in Tampa, Florida

Dealing with a car accident involves a whole host of issues and medical expenses. Being involved in a car accident while pregnant can bring a whole other massive set of… Read More

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How Do I Obtain Traffic Camera Footage of My Accident in Florida?

Are you looking to get footage from your car or motorcycle accident? The evidence you need may have been caught on camera considering the millions of traffic cameras and surveillance… Read More

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How to Avoid Red Light Accidents in Tampa Florida

Florida is ranked #3 in the United States for the Top 10 Most Dangerous States for Red-Light Running according to the Suncoast Safety Council. Also according to data from NHTSA,… Read More

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Things to Do If You Are Injured in a Car Accident While Riding in an Uber or Lyft Vehicle in Florida

Ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are expanding in popularity and are used for transportation all over Tampa, Florida and the United States. With the increase in popularity, accidents… Read More

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Car Accident in Tampa, Florida? We Can Help!

Have you or someone you know been in a recent car accident in Florida? If so, as Florida car accident lawyers, Franco Law Group is here to help you get… Read More

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Should You Install a Dashboard Camera in Your Car for Driving Around Tampa / St. Petersburg?

A dashboard camera is mounted on the dashboard or windshield of your car or truck. It is designed to continuously record while you drive around Tampa or beyond. Dash cams… Read More

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