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Getting financial assistance while you’re waiting on a disability claim whether it’s an SSDI or an SSI is often a necessity for people. However, it does differ in the results between the SSDI program and the SSI program as to how it will affect your back benefits. On the SSDI program, which is where you have worked and paid into the system for five out of the ten years prior to your disability, it has no effect. Anybody can help you and that income doesn’t matter because you’ve got what’s called insurance status, you’ve paid into the system.

However, it is very different on the SSDI, or on the SSI program, the supplemental Social Security program. If you receive assistance while you’re waiting on that SSI decision and that money does not have to be paid back, the Social Security Administration will deduct that from your back benefits. So say for example, somebody is giving you room and board and is helping you out, a friend or a family member, and they say, we’ll do this for you until you get your Social Security benefits. Well, if you don’t have to repay that, the Social Security Administration will assign a value to it. Just for an example, $300.00. They say your room and board was worth $300.00, that was a gift. We’re going to deduct $300.00 a month from your monthly back benefits.

However, if somebody’s providing you with room and board and it’s not a gift but a loan and they say, once you get your benefits, you need to pay me back, I’m going to help you out, but you need to pay me back. If that happens, you should get an agreement in writing from that person that you are going to have to pay them back and make sure you provide that to the Social Security Administration so they don’t reduce your back benefits due to that loan.

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