Do cyclists have special rules or laws that apply to them in Florida?


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Yes. In addition to having to adhere to all of the regular traffic signals and controls, just like any other motor vehicle, you also have some special rules in Florida that apply to cyclists. The most important of which would be having a light on the front of your bike, if you are riding between sunset and sunrise, that can be seen at least 500 feet away. You also have to have a light on the back of your bike that can be seen at least 600 feet away, as well as a reflector that can be seen 600 feet away. You have to have a permanent affixed seat that you’re riding upon. If you’re under age 16, you must also wear a helmet if you’re a passenger or a rider on a bicycle. If you are riding down the street, you are to be closest to the right hand curb as possible, unless it’s a one way street with two lanes, you can be on the left farthest possible spot.

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