What Are My Chances of Winning at Reconsideration in a Social Security Disability Case in Tampa Florida?


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Unfortunately, your chances of winning at the reconsideration level in a social security disability case are very low. 89% of the people that do the request for reconsideration are denied. That is the highest level of denial at any level in the Social Security Administration. It is the same evaluation being done at the reconsideration level that’s done at the initial level. It’s just being done by a different person. It could be the person sitting in the desk next to the person that made the original decision. The only thing that has changed is any additional evidence that you have submitted. But the exact same process is happening with the exact same decision usually being rendered.

If you are applying for disability benefits, You may want to consider having a lawyer help you with your initial application. The information you provide in your initial application forms the basis for your entire disability claim and if not done correctly, could result in costly delays receiving your benefits, or worse yet, a denial of your claim entirely. A denial could result in the delay of your money benefits for years. So why not take the time to consult with a lawyer right off the bat and get it done right the first time?

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