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You May Be Entitled To Recourse.

Reckless drivers pose a serious threat to pedestrians. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in 2015 that there were an estimated 70,000 pedestrians injured in crashes in 2015, compared to 61,000 in 2006 – that’s a 12 percent increase over ten years. In a recent study done by Smart Growth America, Tampa/St. Petersburg ranked 7th highest out of the nation’s 104 most populated cities on a danger index for pedestrians, surpassed by six other Florida metro areas.

Being hit by a car while you are walking can be absolutely devastating, and if you or a loved one has become injured as a result, you may be eligible for compensation. A pedestrian injury lawyer can help you. Christine Franco is a pedestrian injury attorney in Tampa, Florida that is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of each client she meets. With a team of highly trained attorneys at her side, you can be sure that your case will be managed effectively.  

Franco Law Group - Pedestrian Accident A

Photo Disclaimer: Models depicted are not employees or members of Franco Law Group. Photos are dramatizations and not actual events; these are actors, not clients or professionals.

If you were the victim of a pedestrian accident, you may be entitled to:

  • Lost wages

  • Compensation for injuries, including medical expenses, now and in the future, and pain and suffering

From day one—and through the end of your case—Franco Law Group will be your dedicated law firm, assisting you with all aspects of your claim including damage to your vehicle; ambulance, hospital, and other medical bills; wage loss, and pain and suffering.

Experience Where It Counts

Christine Franco and her experienced personal injury team have been practicing law in Tampa, Florida since 1997. Franco Law Group represents only the injured and disabled. Our firm consists of personal injury lawyers, case managers, paralegals, and assistants that are all committed to managing your case efficiently and to protecting your legal rights. Christine Franco, Esq. has been practicing law ever since she received her J.D. from Stetson College of Law in 1995.

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