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You May Be Entitled To Recourse.

Premises Liability is the liability for a landowner for certain accidents that occur on his or her property. Some of the most common premises accidents are slip and fall accidents, fire accidents, pool accidents, construction accidents, maintenance accidents, and toxic substance accidents.

Under Florida law, the duty to visitors to the property depends on the nature of the visitor’s presence on the property. Franco Law Group possesses the means and the experience to represent you as your premises liability attorney in Tampa, FL if you or someone you know is ever injured on another person’s property. Our highly trained attorneys are determined to provide the most efficient and dedicated service to all of our clients, ensure that their legal rights are protected and secure.  

Franco Law Group - Premises Liability Ac

Photo Disclaimer: Models depicted are not employees or members of Franco Law Group. Photos are dramatizations and not actual events; these are actors, not clients or professionals.

Premises liability claims can include accidents due to:

  • Slipping-and-falling

  • Building structure defects

  • ‘Rotten’ floors

  • Inadequate guard-rails

  • Falling items

  • Electric shock

  • Landscape hazards

  • Unsafe swimming pools

  • Criminal assaults

  • Animal attacks

When you’re injured on someone else’s property, don’t wait to seek redress for your medical bills, pain and suffering … or loss of wages. Early guidance from a qualified attorney is important for successfully resolving a premises liability case.  We will discuss our years of experience in handling cases from trip to trial.  As your legal representation, Franco Law Group will work on your behalf, helping you document why the accident took place—through photographs, eyewitness accounts or expert testimony, as deemed applicable to your case.

We will also be prepared to thoroughly investigate and evaluate the actions of all parties related to the accident so that we can knowledgeably craft your legal strategy. Franco Law Group will work hard to see that all the relevant facts to your case are considered, and we’ll make all due effort to see that you receive the justice your situation demands.  We will work hard to resolve your case as quickly as possible.

Experience Where It Counts

Christine Franco and her experienced personal injury team have been practicing law in Tampa, Florida since 1997. Franco Law Group represents only the injured and disabled. Our firm consists of personal injury lawyers, case managers, paralegals, and assistants that are all committed to managing your case efficiently and to protecting your legal rights. Christine Franco, Esq. has been practicing law ever since she received her J.D. from Stetson College of Law in 1995.

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