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How to Hire an Attorney in Florida

There may come a time in everyone’s life where they are in need of an attorney for one matter or another. Sometimes, you need to retain a lawyer quickly for something dire or urgent so it is important to understand how to best hire a Florida attorney. Taking the time to properly research attorneys in Florida is a key first step in the process and sets yourself up for a better chance to win your case (or obtain a more favorable settlement). If you go into a legal case / situation where you just picked or called the first attorney you saw online (or on a I-275 billboard), then you may not have the best experience. There are over 78,244 active lawyers in Florida. Take the time up front to research and select the best attorney in Florida for your legal predicament.

Finding the Right Type of Attorney

There are many different kinds of attorneys, and you should contact one that is relevant to your case. For example, you do not want to hire an estate or probate attorney for a personal injury case (and vice versa). Ideally, the attorney you select will have experience with similar cases or legal circumstances. For example, if you slip and fall and are subsequently injured, then you may be looking for a liability / personal injury lawyer with substantial experience in slip and fall cases. If you are hurt in a motor vehicle accident, then you should hire a Florida car accident attorney who is well versed in that part of the Florida law. The benefit of finding an attorney in the niche field you are seeking is that they have increased knowledge on it and can apply the right Florida statutes to help build a strong case or negotiation position.

Tips for Searching for a Reputable Florida Attorney

Finding an attorney can be a stressful affair, and it may be tempting to hire the first one you see. We encourage prospective legal clients to take the time to fully evaluate and research their attorney options. One great way to find a trustworthy attorney is to ask for referrals from people that you trust. That could be close friends or family or even another lawyer who is in a different field of law who may have a connection with someone relevant to you. If you are talking to a prospective lawyer hire, then ask the attorney or law firm how much of their business comes from referrals? When an attorney has a lot of referrals, that indicates that their law firm is trusted. You may also infer that an attorney with many referrals and positive reviews will have a better chance of successfully assisting you in your case.

Another great way to find a great attorney is to seek online sources for client reviews. Most lawyers will have reviews on their website.

Lastly, depending on your case and situation, you may want to consider the gender of your attorney.

Set up a Free Consultation

Most attorneys, including Franco Law Group, will allow for a potential client to schedule a free consultation before they decide to commit or not. This initial consultation is the best time for you to ask questions and gauge the abilities of the attorney. You should ask about prior relevant case experience and things you may not be able to find online / on the attorney’s website. Some questions that you could ask which would benefit you would be:

If they will be working personally on the case or if the case will be passed down to a junior attorney or paralegal.

Their phone and availability.

How many cases they currently have or are working on.

Cases they have worked on (or have won) that are similar to yours.

Challenges about your case you may face.

Experience with negotiation and cases that go all the way to trial.

Trusted Tampa Attorneys | Franco Law Group

If you or a loved one is in need of an attorney, then we understand that it can be stressful and take a lot of your precious time to research attorney options. With expertise in both social security and personal injury law, Franco Law Group looks forward to the opportunity to meet you and discuss your case. We would love to assist you in any way we can (even if that means just referring you to another attorney who we think is a better match for you or your case). If you have any questions, would like to schedule a free consultation, or would like to talk more feel free to contact us at (813) 873-0180.

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